Shekinah Glory Int'l Ministries of Deliverance and Healing, Inc.

           Minister/Evangelist C. Simpson


Pastor C.Simpson

           Shekinah Glory Int'l Ministries of Deliverance & Healing, Inc.

        "Reaching and Turning Lives Around"

          Doctrinal Statement

We believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God, written by Holy Men of old, as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. We believe in one God who is eternal infinite in power, holy in nature, attribute and purposes, as well as omniscient and the ommipresent. We Believe that He was revealed to us as Father in Creation, as Son in Redemption, and as Holy Ghost in his comfronting grace that never leaves those who trust Him.

We believe that in Jesus dwells all the fallness of the Godhead bodily for it pleased the Father that in Him should all the fullness dwell. We believe in the virgin birth. Jesus was born human and divine; He was God manifested in the flesh.

Acts 2:38

Then Peter said to them, Repent and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

                      Experiencing the Wave of His Glory

And the Lord said, My Presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest. And Moses said to the Lord, If Your Presence does not go with me, do not carry us up from here! And Moses said, I beseech your, show me your glory. (Exodus 33: 14-15, 17).

When the glory of God hits a people, anything is liable to happen. The Glory of God comes when there is a collsion between heaven and earth and the barrier t hat separates the two realms is removed. How do we know when the Glory of God has hit your life? The heavenely realm supercedes the realm you lieve in.

                          PROPHETIC MINISTRY

The Lord Jesus Christ & C. Simpson Ministries prophetically to the body of Christ. My messages are geared toward not only rebulding the walls of the Church but rebuilding the lives of individuals. Many people have endured spiritual, mental and physical abuse. As a result, emotional walls have been torn down and left in ruin. The economic and moral walls of our country are being town down through the media. Despite all of this, God is able to restore America and our lives just as He restored the City of Jerusalem. God will rebuild, restore, retrieve and give restitution to everything which has been lost!

I do believe we can "Say Yes We Can" enjoy and live abundantly! John 10:10

 I am assigned from God to women to loose the chains and set the captives free.  He is Using Prophecy To Remove The Sweat Cloth From Women In Bondage, As She Declares" Loose Her and Let Her Go~"

We must forgive! It is imperative we forgive ourselves and those who have hurt, rejected, wounded and abused us. It is only then, we experience wholeness. Jesus came to make us whole!

There is a Balm in Gilead! There is Healing! There is Restoration! There is Deliverance!

Special thanks to all of the Leaders in Christ for support as I was given an opportunity to attend theology universities.

Prayers for a special mentors Rev. Tisdell and Elder Daniel Kirkwood. Special thanks to my Pastor Joel Osteen, Apostle Esther Agiri and Pastor Solomon.

Phone:218-632-0550 Access code 969529



God's Daughters

Midnight Cry

War Cry Hour (Fridays 12:00-2:00 p.m.)

Shekinah Glory Praise Dancers

Warfare Teaching (Wednesday 7:00 p.m.)

Dig Deeper

Prophetic Encouragement

WOW-Moment with God

Voice of a Woman 

War Cry Lock In (Schedule Posted)

Daughters of Judah (strongholds to be removed) Warring for the Lord

Daughters of Zion Women Group-Sisterhood Ministry Association-Daughters of Destiny Association Afflication

Men of Valor Teaching

Uniquely Yours

Certified Human Behavior Consultant, CHBC

Business Opportunities:

Ardyss International, Avon, 5 Linx , Usborne Books, Volunteers Recruiting

Provision RX

Notary Commission

Ministry School of Healing Teaching

Ordination Program


Services Available: Notary Public Commission Service

Volunteers Welcome

Commissioned into Ministry by Juanita Bynum and Duncan William, Desperate 2 Destiny

Ministry Leadership Development through Lakewood International belated John Osteen andpresently Mother Dodie Osteen. Mantle passed over to Joel Osteen & Victoria Osteen. Ministers in Christ Amy Osteen & Dr. Pastor Paul Osteen, Marco Witt.

Women Ministry Teaching beginning at Lakewood International.

Spiritual Growth Teaching in Warfare Teaching: Apostle Esther Agiri & Pastor Solomon Agiri (Alpha & Omega International Ministry Healing & Deliverance Ministry).

Connection with Her Call Ministry-Rev. Lasekia Barnett, Manifest the Truth-Letitia Peters State if Maryland

Ministry Associations:  Women N Power, Women of Divine Destiny (by C. Simpson), Sheila Conway- Women of Purpose, Member with network of Pastor Kim Burrell Ministry, Sisterhood, and Her Call Ministry. Phi Delta Kappa Soroity, Early Childhood Association, Supervision Association, Sheriff Association, City of Prairie View Environmental Committee  

Pulling Down Strongholds Equipping

 Prayer Line Ministering   712-432-0600    *309513 

9:00 p.m. 712)432-0799   *CODE 309513

Incorporation of Programs: PantherLand Elderly Inc. Feed the Homeless, Feed my Sheep Program, Senior's Meals, Homeless Children Food Program, PantherLand Mobile Food Bank Inc., Back Packs for Kidz, Workshops for Seniors, AS planned Trips for Senior 's, Afterschool Tutoring, 24 Hour Daycare Center within Ministry (future), Educational Enrichment Activities for Youths. The Best is yet to coming in 2015 for new beginnings.

Reaching out to those in need by supplying food to the community is our goal. Supplying school supplies to the unprivilege children in our communities and sack lunches.


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