We Worship You in Spirit and the Truth......

    "He is worthy to be Praise"..... "He is an Awesome God" ......"He is a Just God" ..... "He will never leave you are forsake you"  "I Love Messiah"   "He is closer than a Friend"   "He Never Left Me in My Storm"   "He sheltered me through my cloudy days"   "He is my Father"  "He embraced me to stand through the losses of my mother, my biological dad, oldest brother, my oldest sister", my husband, my aunties, my cousins, I can say Thank You Jesus", I can wake up now and say so much about "My Saviour", He is Real, I love you Jesus when you protected me, showed me love, guided me through the traps of my enemies, every plan of the wick ones that tried to dispose my life and upon my son, Hallelujah!!!! It made me stronger, to learn more about the strategic plans of the enemies, how great thou are, When I was weak you made me strong, My heavenly language to edify my Saviour, I Love You Lord so Much!!!!!When rejection was put up against me you washed away my sins and made me whole, For every tear that I shredded you bottled them up, My weeping wasn't in vain, Some stood with me and some turned their backs on me but God He remained with me, Speaking throughout to me "My Daughter I'm preparing you for Great Work to help my people, I am developing you and transforming you where I am taking you only Myself can do it for you, I Praise God for His Great work of reconstructing me, Everyday is a new day, it's beautiful, full of promises, You did speak to let me know to Be Still, Thank you Jesus for my son, daughte- in- law, my grandbaby who praises God with me, my family through it all didn't understand me but through it all I love them, my relatives, my spiritual mothers, my apostle (s),my prophets, my spiritual fathers, my sister's in Christ , my daily walk with you "Oh Lord', my education that you allowed for me complete. The hours of labor to read, study, mediate on You Lord, through interruptions you redirected the enemies plans, I extend all of my thanks to you Lord " My Heavenly Father", My pastor's leadership training, Blessing to overflow on my seminary professors, and now my professors in pursuing my Ph.D. in
Educational Administration in order to see reconstruction in the educational system for our future scholars, The encouragement, etc.

So Much I Can Say