God saved me from the toils in my life. At times I didn't  know if I was going to make it. God stepped in right on time. I was in so much warfare the enemies were coming in like a flood. I lost two sons but this Woman of God stepped for me being by my side. We have shared 15 yrs. of friendship from her school and at my home she never left me. At times she drove miles to get to me but she was the one God has appointed in my life. This Woman of God knows my entire family we have shared so many memories together. As I battle cancer she calls me to check on me and comes to see me.

Rosa G.

I was deep in sin and needed a way out of my sins. I met Carolyn she prayed for me she has been in my life for a reason. She is an anoited vessel of the Lord. God knew who he was choosing when He chose her. My life was a struggle with church disappointments, heart aches from family, and so many others things I rather not speak on because of God knowing about me.


I Love You Carolyn

The Woman of God that I got connected with was this special woman. My, My, I am in another state but its amazing how God connected our Ministry Task to share among each other and to support each other its been so amazing to be a Woman to Woman Ministry Kingdom that God has established.

Minister Renee

All I have to say is Pastor/ Minister I remember out of state on our Ministry Conference you are so anointed by God. Full of Power God has done on His Own. Your Primary Pastor has a God Bless Woman to reach the hurting people all around the world that is God upon your life. Keep bringing the Word of God being Deborah the Judge.

Pastor Kimberly


                            Isaiah 43:19

           Behold, I am doing a new thing!"