New Doors to Open and New Beginnings into your Life

Every power of darkness hindering your life collapse and die by fire in Jesus" Name

I come against every iron gate trying to abort my destiny fall, fall down and dies now In Jesus Name

Every witch assigned to my life to cause me to not to receive my blessings dry up and die now in the name of Jesus

My Father explode your heavenly power against all witchcraft being sent our way BACK FIRE to Senders in the Mightful Name of Jesus

Every witch that has been paid fall down to ashes and burn by fire IN the Name of Jesus.

Every new individual that has been paid to seek information about my life fall now in the Name of Jesus whoever you are die in the Name of Jesus

All dark powers fighting God's People I cut your power off to the root now in the Name of Jesus.

My Breakthroughs that has been prayed for be released by fire Now In the Heavenly Matchful Name of Jesus

I cancel every legion spirit wondering around on this earth to be paralyzed now by fire.

Every backstabber that entered into my life dry up and die, die, by the authority of Jesus Christ.

My Father rendered your FIRE upon all these clicks in organizational controlling witchcraft upon this earth to fall down now In the Name of Jesus Die......

All neighbors and organizations involved fall on your knees now and repent to God now in the Name of Jesus

All assignments to hinder us in God's Kingdom we cut you off by the Power of the Almighty Name of Jesus this day and night

I scatter every person that has been releasing witchcraft out upon my home you die now in the name of Jesus

My Father use you divine power to explode the witches and warlocks to be put into their graves immediately In the Mightiful Name of Jesus

All cussing demons on assignment you have no legal rights to use abusive language in my present DIE, DIE Now you evil demonic powers In the Name of Jesus

Every arrow fired I command you to hit your senders Now In the Name of Jesus.

My Father destroy every destroyer in this second, minute of my date In the Name of Jesus